President Barack Obama | Mistakes

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Our President, Barack Obama, has been making mistakes…and he is acknowledging them. Do we know what that means?

It means that our new President is mature enough to take responsibility for his actions. It means that he is willing to learn…”so it won’t happen again”, and he is growing. It means, and this is paramount, that his ego is not at the helm.

He might well be on his way to greatness. May the Spirit be with him.

Sri Ramana Maharshi | Sage

Sri Ramana Maharshi is one of my favorite teachers, and one of the greatest sages of the last century, a Buddha.  Although he was born in India, he was not a member of any particular religion.  Enjoy his websites below!Ramana Maharshi

Ramana Maharshi

“It was in 1908 that I first contacted Sri Ramana Maharshi, then in the Virupaksha Cave, when I was a boy of twelve. Had you seen him in those days, you would hardly have taken him for a mere human being. His figure was a statue of burnished gold. He simply sat and sat, and rarely spoke. The words he spoke on any day could easily be counted. He had an enchanting personality that shed a captivating luster on all, and a life-giving current flowed from him charging all those nearby, while his sparkling eyes irrigated those around him with the nectar of his Being.”

T.K. Sundaresa Iyer, At the feet of Bhagavan

T.K. Sundaresa Iyer, At the feet of Bhagavan

“At the age of sixteen Ramana Maharshi left his home, his family, and all he knew. He felt drawn to Arunachula – a small mountain in Southern India. He lived there for the rest of his life. His only possessions were a piece of cloth to cover himself, and a walking stick. Little by little word of a sage living alone on Arunachula mountain became known. Many felt drawn to sit in his presence. He seldom spoke. But occasionally he would respond to questions.  This site: is dedicated to the peace and fulfillment toward which he pointed.”

Sentient beings are in essence buddhas
It is like water and ice. There is no ice without water,
There are no buddhas outside sentient beings.
What a shame, sentient beings seek afar,
Not knowing what is at hand. It is like wailing from thirst
In the midst of water.

–Hakuin Ekaku, 1685-1768

Change Now!

Inevitable change! My day job is gone.
Is it for the better? Everything is Interconnected.

Haiku poem:

The roof fell down,

That is good,

I can see the moon.

I can’t remember who the author is.  Anybody knows?  I’ll post it later.

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