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The Creature from Jekyll Island

I was aware of this, in a way. I had read about it. But politicians are so good at deceiving us, aren’t they? I heard President Obama talked about bailouts, and the federal reserve system, and how they would solve the recession problem, and I believed him. It made me feel that the federal reserve system was real. But I guess we have to face it; we are being conned.

I just came across the book by G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, A Second Look at the Federal Reserve. And although I haven’t finished the book yet it seems to be very well documented, a must read for all Americans. It seems that our own government in association with a banking cartel (it is not federal and there is no reserve) is financially  murdering the middle class and leading the world into chaos. It may be time to change our course. A country that leaves the control of its money supply in the hands of a few bankers is not a free country.

Creature from Jekyll Island, a must read

It is interesting to note, however, that the con-men are also being conned. The ego makes us believe that we can profit by deceiving others, but everything is interconnected. At the end they will also be swallowed by the maelstrom they are creating. It is unavoidable.

If you follow this link,, and scroll down, you will find an excellent excerpt from the book. Be aware and awake.


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  1. Very interesting story, it has a lot to do with the banking situation in Bulgaria at the moment .. I’ll read more about it .. Thank you Rio!


  2. Thanks Lou. Please spread the word.


  3. Ed Griffin has been tell the truth for decades.. Great stuff !


  4. Definitely. Everybody should take a look at that book. Interesting indeed. Easy to read and understand even for people like me who lack savvy in matters of banking or monetary systems.


  5. Sounds very interesting, there is quite a bit of info at that link, I will have to take a look at it.
    Thank you.


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