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The Daily Coyote

Shreve Stockton adopted a newborn coyote a while back, and now they are the best of friends. She says: “Charlie came into my life when he was ten days old, orphaned after his parents were shot for killing sheep, He lives with a tomcat, a hound and me in Wyoming.” Her book The Daily Coyote is “a meditation on the nature of wildness versus domestication, and of forgiveness, loyalty, and love in all its forms”.

Charlie now...

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Charlie then . . .

And . . .

The Eyes . . .


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  1. Hey Barry! Nice hearing from you.


  2. Hey Rio, it’s Barry Pope! I trust you’re doing well! Stay in touch, and keep on trucking! :o)


  3. Hey Lou! You can also subscribe and get feed back on Charlie.


  4. Rio: Sounds like a great book, hope to read it.


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