Spiritual Materialism and the Criminal Corporate State

Have you noticed how many of the so called “religious or spiritual leaders” of today ignore the crimes of our flawed socio-economic system? How they ignore the crime of the century? 

Turning a blind eye to what criminal banks are doing today is not spirituality. A Central Bank’s Scheme  Ignoring the ongoing crimes being committed against humanity is not spirituality, ignoring the evidence verifying a controlled demolition on the “false attack” of  September 11, 2001 is not spirituality. 9/11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Remaining silent in today’s world is a crime, is to support a criminal corporate state which is wreaking havoc in the world even as I speak.  Refusing to acknowledge the crossroads in which humanity finds itself today can be called hypocrisy, duplicity or cowardice but never spirituality; that “spirituality” is a mask, and it is extremely dangerous. It takes you away from true awareness and the right action; it is deceitful and immoral.

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silence-as-war-crimeSpread the word!

Vietnam War lifeRemember Vietnam? This is Iraq and Afghanistan today with the help of our tax dollars. 

Are you still doing business with the big banks?


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  1. Yes Roark, we are all guilty; everything is interconnected. And, in this case, the reason we are all guilty is because of our lack of action, our silence. You see, it’s not that simple, in the world of form we have responsibilities, morality is important, and in this case the “right action” is to spread the word because the main culprits need secrecy to operate. That is why silence is a crime, silence is condoning criminal actions, giving them the “go ahead.” Many people still think they are fighting for “freedom and democracy” in Afghanistan, but our troops are merely cannon fodder. Shouldn’t we tell them the truth?
    Humanity is at a crossroads. And, of course, we can decide to do nothing to change our direction, but if so, we (and the future generations) better be ready to face the consequences. And I don’t think is logical to conclude that we can expect anything good from the sociopaths behind the 9/11 “attacks” and the Federal Reserve scam. Do you?


  2. If we are one, then what that one does, is what this one does too.


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