5G / A Reminder / Point of No​ Return???

5G (Fifth Internet Generation)

I just want to remind you that the creature bringing us 5G is the same creature that brought us the World Trade Center false flag on September 11, 2001 (9/11), which created the insane and ongoing bloodshed of the war on terror. It is the same creature that brought us the Housing Bubble of 2008, which left over a million people homeless. It is the same creature that planned and executed the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, which killed our democracy and left the country leaderless. (They have brought you much more than that but I’m running out of time.)

5G is a big step for the oligarchs, and if you let them get away with its installation you may be crossing the point of no return. This is big! And it may lead to humanity’s slavery with no way back. Do you get my point? (Of course, I understand that our freedom was lost in 1913 when the creature created the Federal Reserve Act, but now we have reached a crossroads: the point of no return. (The head of the monster: The Mega Banks)


Please don’t believe a word I say. After all, who am I to tell. Do your own research (as I have done). And if you think I am wrong, please let me know. Otherwise, you may want to take action.

To research you can start here: 5G 

And here: The Writing on the Wall

And here: 9/11

This may be America’s last chance to make a stand, reject slavery, and stop being cannon fodder. The fight is now in your own backyard; myriad cell towers are coming with high wireless technology radiation (“tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety.”) Myriad satellites too, and chemtrails.

The world is next.

I hope you make the right decision. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

A free copy of “Implications” upon request (PDF).

ImplicationsPlease spread the word. Silence is treason.


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  1. Mark, thanks for the very interesting information on radio transmissions. But on the video I attached about 5G, researchers seem to have much evidence on its harmful effects, even on our DNA. Is this exaggeration? The evidence seems legit to me. Did you check it out? What do you think?


  2. Hi Mark, thanks for the interesting information attached, and for your professional point of view.
    Do you see any threat at all in 5G from a health perspective? From your point of view, is there any threat at all to humanity by this technology? Thanks for your input.


    • Hi Rio,
      There is always the possibility that there is something that we do not know about this that will later raise its head, but at the moment there appears to be nothing that I know of that is a health risk. It is always best to be vigilant however. An example of this is typifies by the not often told story of leaded gasoline which everyone thought was safe. Haven’t seen any for sale lately have you? This is because of a Caltech scientist named Clair Patterson. I used to work down the hall from him. He was trying to establish the most accurate reading of the age of the Earth. This involved analyzing the lead in meteorites. He found that something was contaminating his readings which turned out to be a lead isotope but no one would believe hm, least of all the gas companies. You can read the whole story in the link below. This is to illustrate that it is clear that the prevailing belief can clearly be wrong. But to get back to the 5G issue:

      Radio transmissions from the AM band up to the Microwave band have been going on to some degree since the 1950’s or so and the only time that I have ever heard of any medical problems is when someone stepped into the beam of a 100,000 watt focused radar. Long term effects over many years are unknown but focused beams such as radar not withstanding, the amount of power from a 5G transmitter is small and radiated (not focused) and is still lower power than what the Sun sends to the Earth. The only reason why radios can receive the signals intended for them is because of filtering (tuning) and knowledge of the type of signal (AM or FM). Have you ever listened to a radio tuned off station? The noise you hear is caused mostly by the Sun. You will hear much less at night.

      Another reason why radiated energy is not likely to be a problem is because of the Inverse Square law. This is a formula that tells how much energy will be received at a distant point if you know the power near the transmitter. See the link below. Though the reference is for a light source, it works for all forms of radiated (not focused) energy. In the diagram, r is some distance near the source. 2r is just twice the distance. If the power of let us say a light bulb at the distance of 10 feet from the bulb was 100 watts, then at twice that distance (2r) it would be one quarte and at 3 times that distance (3r) it would be 1/9 of that power. What this shows is transmitted power falls off very fast over distance. The only real problem is that a transmitter of high frequency (your cell phone) of low power (0.25 to 0.5 watts) is held against your head for each call. Though the phones are supposed to shield against this, I have not heard of any studies on it.

      Anyway, that is a thumbnail sketch of the issue. I hope it was interesting 😊

      The Inverse Square Law

      Clair Patterson


  3. Hi Mark, the authors advertise on the sly because our consent (silence) is required according to their own rules. You’re right the masons are an open society. I don’t know why they are vilified. Perhaps some of them (at the top) have secret plans.
    But I hope you don’t ignore the seriousness of the Fifth Internet Generation deployment. It may well be the point of no return. I suggest you do more research if what I am saying here is not enough. Good luck!


    • Hi Rio,

      Thanks for the thoughtful reply 🙂

      My comments on 5G are from an electronic engineers point of view because I am an engineer who has worked for places like Caltech, JPL, Western Digital and many others over the years. So when I talk about the 5G standard, which is an increment from the 4G standard, I think I can claim some knowledge there.  The 5G is a communications standard at a higher frequency which allows a greater amount of information to be sent and received in the same time frame than can be done with 4G.

      An interesting thing that most people don’t know is that there are two channels on every phone.  One channel is called the control channel and the other is the voice or audio channel.  A person talks and hears via the voice channel while the phone is controlled via the control channel.  The purpose of the control channel is to control phone functions such as transmit power and frequency switching of the phone should that one channel become too crowded.  An interesting note is that the if three or more towers are receiving your phone’s signal, you can be pinpointed to about 3 feet of where you are.  The other interesting fact is that your cell phone has a unique serial number that is transmitted each time the tower communicates with the phone.  This is how the phone knows the audio and control information is for it and not another phone. So it is not 4G or 6G, it is the phone itself and has been in place since the beginning.  So, you see, they already know essentially where the phone is, they just don’t necessarily know who is operating the phone.  If you want to be really anonymous, buy a “burner” phone.  These are used one or two times then destroyed.  Kind of expensive though 🙂 Kind of exciting, no?

      You can read about the various standards here:


      ~ Mark ~


  4. Hi Rio,
    Thanks for the link, it was very interesting. Though it is a bit long to comment on in detail, I do have a few things to say:

    If the authors of these stones were bent on some nefarious task such as world domination, why advertise it? I would think they would accomplish their task much easier in secret.

    If the authors of “The ten guides for a new Age of Reason” were so enlightened, why is it so nebulous and therefore not distinct/specific? In particular are their 10 “guides” actually patterned after the 10 Commandments? Actually there were about 35 commandments if one keeps reading in the Bible 😊

    The limits of the Earth to maintain its people.
    It is perfectly clear that the Earth has limits in the of number people that it can support but no one knows what that limit is. The principal problem is producing enough food for its people. If one only looks at the area required for farming, one would conclude that we should have run out of land some time ago, but using new methods of farming has allowed for greater yield per acre. This is true for other food sources. Then there is drinkable water. If it became an issue, more pressure would be placed on desalinization of water or finding other sources.

    As there are limits to everything, sooner or later there will be limits applied to the people in terms of how many children a couple can have. This was done in China from 1979 to 2015. I would speculate that the reason that the policy was rescinded was due to the development of their world wide economy and thus their prosperity. I have read books chronicling events during this time.

    Manley P. Hall:
    I visited his Philosophical Research Society in the 1970’s when I lived in the Los Angeles area then. There they had on display his book “The Secret Teachings of All Ages.” That was a beautiful book displayed in the open which was some four feet tall by something like six feet wide when open. I felt like a wizard when I turned the pages of spells 😊 I also read the book about him titled “Man of the Mysteries.” It was interesting as well.

    One of the things that I don’t get is the vilification of the Masons and people like Manly Hall. The Masons are an open organization and are not a secret one. As far as I know all of their documents have been published and their rituals have been video taped and are available in the public domain. They say of themselves ‘We are not a secret organization. We are an organization with secrets.’ None the less, virtually everything of theirs is in the public domain. It might also be of interest to know that most of their lodges are Christian based. There is one interesting lodge in Culver City California called Foshay Masonic Lodge. The have/had such interesting members as John Wayne, Ernest Borgnine and me 😊 Though I am no longer an active member because I had moved to Arizona, I still see nothing wrong with their activities. What I tend to see is criticism from people who know little about them or that whatever path that they are on is ‘the one and only true path to God’ which is not true as there is no one and only path.

    Well, that is my rant for now. Thanks for listening 😊

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