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In this world of matter everything is temporary, nothing stays. To try to wrestle permanence out of situations and things is not seeing reality as it is. To cling selfishly to anything is the mark of the ignorant. (This is the ignorance caused by an ego that refuses to acknowledge that everything is interconnected) Success comes when we see clearly that when we unconditionally help others we help ourselves, for we are never separate from the Source; to think otherwise is delusion; it is, again, the work of the ego.

Now, to see things as they are, to see the unity of all things, requires presence of mind, which means that your thoughts are not in past or future situations (unless you are using the past for reference or planning a shopping trip) but in what you are doing right now! Remember, you can’t cross the bridge until you get to the river. If you see ‘Reality’ as it is you’ll see that success, like well-being, does not depend on outside circumstances, for we actually have all we need. If you see reality as it is your life situation could change suddenly and drastically without affecting your inner balance because you’ll see that you are part of a whole that is in perfect balance and working perfectly well.

Of course, you will not see this if you don’t discipline your mind and develop presence because the ego will render you blind. And I am afraid that just reading or hearing about it will probably help you little. But if you do just your best and practice, you’ll see it as clear as sunshine. And allow me to quote from “Mindfulness in Plain English” by H. Gunaratana: “Your practice can show you the truth. Your own experience is all that counts.”


Change is Permanent

Suddenly everything changed! My work is on hold. It is almost like I am starting all over again. And it dawn on me that I wasn’t enjoying the process anymore. I was rushing. My presence of mind was slipping away. I was forgetting that the future never holds a safe haven for us; it only holds change. So all that matters is our inner balance. All we ever have is “just this” and everything is contained “here”. Eternity itself is “now”–the absence of time. Enjoy!

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I have joined a couple of social networks and it has proved to be a learning and rewarding experience. But I am seeing a great lack of communication among many of its members. Automated emails and auto responders seem to be the order of the day. It is understandable that we want to promote our products and services. But there seems to be a lack of understanding regarding the importance of personal communication in all our endeavors to foster better relationships. Not only it is very important to communicate with personal messages, we must do so professionally and intelligently.

We should read carefully the message we are responding to in order to reply adequately. (Isn’t it disappointing to read an answer that does not relate to the question you asked? Or an answer that only addresses part of your questions?) And if we don’t know the person, it is also advisable to find out who he/she is (if possible) so that we can address that person properly (at least check their website). And how about using our cell phones? I recently found a couple of programs that would have blended perfectly with my own, but I refrained from joining due to disappointing communication; for the fact is that we don’t do business with companies, we do business with people.

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