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I just finished doing my taxes with Turbo Tax and I want to recommend their services. As you know, if you are employed and also have a home business your tax exceptions increase, and can double your tax return. Turbo Tax helped me find all my exceptions with their simple, easy to follow system. So if you haven’t done your taxes yet, you may want to give them a try. This is their location: www.turbotax.com Good luck!

I also recommend: www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com


Doing Your Taxes for Free | Tax Exemptions

Is that time of the year again. And remember, if you have a home based business Uncle Sam wants to help you, your tax exemptions can make for a hefty return, which can greatly help your business. This site will help.   www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com The tax tips newsletter is free.

And I found this article by Jack Dunning on computoredge, which helps you find free ways to do your taxes.

Excerpt :

“If your taxes are relatively simple, there is no reason why you should pay to calculate your federal taxes. The tax-preparation software companies understand this. The money is not in the federal returns. There is too much competition offering free tax preparation to make much money off the easiest of federal returns. It’s the complicated federal returns, plus state return preparation and state tax eFilings that are the target for increased company earnings.”

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Tax Exemptions for a Home Business | Taxes

Your tax exemptions: Most of us start a home-based business while still working a job. Do you know how much you can retain of what you earn if you have a home based business? A lot! Uncle Sam wants to help you. Please go to this link www.HomeBusinessTaxSavings.com and subscribe to Ron Mueller’s freebulletin“Tax tips you can bank on”. If we don’t educate ourselves and learn about tax laws and exemptions we leave a lot of money on the table. Some people get a home based business just to get the tax exemptions (this is illegal). But it makes sense to have a legitimate home-based business.

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