The Starchild

 The skull to the left belongs to the Star Child. According to carbon dating the skull is about 900 years old. It was found in Mexico around 1930. It contains alien DNA.

The skull to the right is a human skull with a thicker bone structure. The Starchild’s skull, however, is stronger due to the filaments it contains. According to the evidence uncovered by Lloyd Pye, the Starchild was born of a woman; that is, he was genetically engineered 900 years ago. Apparently, we have extraterrestrial ancestors: The Star Child

Skull’s Filaments

Professor Pye also explains in (human origins) that the human gene was genetically engineered and modified by fusing the first and second chromosomes into one. (1:38:00) This fusion produced forty-six chromosomes while keeping 48 chromosomes of genomic material (we are not primates). In the video (link) above, he shows much evidence to support his claims.

But to think that we were created as slaves to mine gold for our “creators” doesn’t make sense. Why would they need slaves? Their advanced technology could defy gravity, erect pyramids, and attain warp speed avoiding space and time. Why would they need slaves?

The Sumerians themselves could have been biased. Or their writings could have been tampered with.

It is also unlikely that they needed the gold to repair their planet’s atmosphere; they knew the real value of precious metals.  It is likely that they were turning gold into Monoatomic dust.  (Mr. Pye may have not been familiar with monoatomic dust when he speculated).

They may have been also sharing the dust with humans. Evidence suggests that the pharaohs of Egypt used the substance to prolong their lives and to disappear into thin air at the time of their death.

The Pyramids:

We must question everything!

Warp Speed / Alien Technology

Fractal Technology  / They don’t travel through space; they put space and time behind.
    Warp Speed ARV (Alien Reproduction Vehicle)
We have the technology. “We now know,” Miguel Alcubierre, University of Wales

Warp speed (5:25) and Monoatomic dust:

More information at Zero Point Energy

Terence Mackenna

Terence MacKenna’s perspective: A probe?

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