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WTC 7 

For the occupy movement failure is not an option!

I heard Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, refer to Hip-Hop legend Russell Simmons as a member  of the 1% that supports the 99%. But Russell is not a member of the 1%. The 1% is not the people who does well and gets rich with honest work, while keeping their integrity. I would like to make that kind of money myself. Wouldn’t you? This is not a class war.

The 1% is an entity that has made an unfathomable fortune by stealing, deceiving, manipulating and murdering. Yes, the 1% has blood in their hands. That entity uses us as cannon fodder; it launches wars for its own benefit, using corrupt politicians to convince us that the wars are for freedom and democracy. It infiltrates governments through their economic systems (The Federal Reserve is banking cartel with their own interest in mind); it destroys democracy. The immense amount of money accumulated by the 1% is stolen money (bailout, inflation they cause etc); it is our money. Being above the law they have made a sham of our justice system. This entity is (on the sly) enslaving humanity; it is not only immoral and deceitful but also evil: the scum of the earth. Failure is not an option.  

There is evidence (this is not theory or speculation; it is e v i d e n c e. – AE 9/11 Truth) that 9/11 was an inside job, explosives were used; it was a controlled demolition that killed over 3000 people. With a couple of planes for show, it created an excuse for more war in the name of greed. Isn’t this unspeakable evil, psychotic behavior? 

In the name of the fallen, and for the sake of  future generations, we must remove the scum and bring it to justice; without justice no society can have peace and prosperity.  If this entity remains in control, the future of humanity is bleak, extremely bleak, perhaps horrifying. Therefore, for the occupy movement, failure is not an option.


Occupy Building 7 | The Time is Right | Remember 9/11/2001

Do you know about WTC 7 ? It was the third building to come down on 9/11/01. Yes, the one that came down in 6 seconds, in free fall acceleration, as if in controlled demolition.

Our government says the building came down due to small fires that were caused by the falling debris of the main two towers, which were also brought down by controlled demolition, not by planes. (evidence here: AE 9/11 Truth )

Since obviously the government has been lying to us for decades, does not work for us anymore, and has been deaf to our request to open a new independent investigation, we are occupying WTC 7 on November 19 & 20 to demand a new investigation, and we are inviting everyone who cares for justice and wants to join us. The time is ripe to occupy. And we need to clean house.

If you can’t join us physically please spread the word. More info here: Blog

Thanks for your help, no matter how small.

Move Your Money Now | How to

I recently closed my checking and savings accounts with Wells Fargo. It is the best way to show the big banks that they are not too big to fail (above the law). Boycott! I moved to the San Diego County Credit Union. 

    A few months back I finished paying Chase what I owed them. I remember that in spite of my best efforts they almost forced me to go bankrupt—something that, out of principle, I didn’t want to do. Without warning, they rose my minimum payment to an exorbitant amount. When I called them they gave me the phone of a credit counselor, but luckily I found work. 

     They will never see my business again.

    In case you are thinking on moving your money or wondering why, I will pass to you this link sent to me by Thrive. People are waking up. 

“Our aim is to not only help people know HOW to transfer banks, but to help them understand WHY they should, by illustrating how rigged the financial system is.” http://bigmethod.com/bmp/54/62/10052011.html 

“The Bank Transfer Day movement is calling for people to move their money from the large corporate banks to local community banks and credit unions.

This is an example of proactive, non-violent non-participation – a strategy Gandhi used successfully in India and Martin Luther King relied on in the Civil Rights Movement. Our financial system is corrupt at its core, as were the salt laws in India and segregation in the US.

Moving our money out of the big centralized banks sends a clear message that we will not support them with our deposits, or be a part of their corrupt practices.”


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