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I was just listening to Marcome’s music…the piece titled, Yeku. Since I couldn’t do her justice with a description I want to encourage you to visit her site.

About Marcome (Marko-may):

Marcomé blends lyrics with a wordless language that creates a soothing and ethereal world. Marcomé is a master at blending the manydifferent sounds of her voice in orderto create vocalharmonies that are richly textured. Marcoméincorporates dreamy keyboards, fretless bass, jazzy guitar riffs, traditional world beat percussions and instruments, while layering her ethereal voice into hercompositions. Presently, quality New Age music is making a strong resurgence in global popularity; as music lovers are searching for a type of uplifting, spiritual music that is a companion for their everyday lives.

Marcomé is a gifted independent, female recording artist who will grab your attention after one listen (I can vouch for that).”

To know more visit:  and

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