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On my last visit to the YMCA gym this past week, I found a note on the shower room refering to the fact that new shower heads had been installed which reduced the flow of water in order to conserve it.

I am trying to figure out why in San Diego, CA , a city famous for its beaches on the Pacific Ocean we are having a water shortage.  We do have  the technology (desalinization) to treat seawater and make it consumable, don’t we? I have asked around but nobody seems to know. Any ideas? Do you know?

Thanks for your input.

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  1. Thanks for your comment Jace. Good information and questions.
    I heard on public radio a few days ago that a new desalination plant is planned to be built in Carlsbad, CA to be completed by 2012. I am not sure if they started building yet.


  2. hey there all i was just reading up on water shortage crises and mobile water units and i couldnt find anything anywhere in the world and i found this website a small engineering company in new zealand? and it displays products they sell and theyve got listed desalination units? i enquired about these units and they can make them biger and to order and they claim they can produce 1 litre of fresh clean h2o out of salt water pond, lake, river water e.t.c for 0.0015 cents USD. i mean isnt that cheap? or is there anything out there more economical then these advertised units? could someone maybe whos researched this let me no?


  3. Thanks for your comment. It definitely throws some light on the subject.
    I expect that new and less expensive technology for desalination will soon be available; there is a need for it, and there is a lot of water in the Pacific Ocean that we could use.


  4. Fresh Water Reserve levels in Southern California have dropped significantly since July 2006. Check out the water gauge at, it’ll give you a good idea of the situation. While desalination projects can help, they are too expensive. Thus the best way to face this challenge is through water conservation. Here are some ways by which you can conserve fresh water at your home:
    In case you come across more methods of water conservation, please spread it among all Southern Californians!


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