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These two quotes from two different Buddhist teachers are quite helpful. One explains the problem that we face, the source of our discontent. The other tells us how the problem is solved.

“Lack of vigilance is like a thief, who slinks behind when mindfulness abates.
And all the merit we have gathered in. He steals, and down we go to lower realms.”

–Shantideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva

“The more I doubted, the more I meditated, the more I practiced. Whenever doubt arose I practiced right at that point. Wisdom arose. Things began to change. It’s hard to describe the change that took place. The mind changed until there was no more doubt. I don’t know how it changed. If I were to try telling someone, they probably wouldn’t understand.”

Ajahn Chah, Food for the Heart


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  1. Yes Elena! Everything is right “here”.


  2. Hi Rio,
    this post is an old one , but a good one 😉
    All it comes down to is practice. When in doubt – practice. I love that and I need that reminder!
    thank you,


  3. Glad it helped you Aly.
    In mindfulness


  4. This is a great post. Thank you. It is indeed difficult to describe the changes that take place with consistent practice.


  5. Stumbled into this site by chance but I’m sure glad I clicked on that link. You definitely answered all the questions I’ve been dying to answer for some time now. Will definitely come back for more of this. Thank you so much


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