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Google Wave Combines E-mail with Instant Messaging

In my last issue of Computoredge I received interesting news about Google’s exciting new wave. Coming soon! Excerpt below:

Google’s Next Wave

Before launching a new project, Google believes in rethinking how things should have been done in the first place. The company is every bit as innovative as Apple, but without the let’s-own-everything-ourselves culture. Google will develop a new product or system while seeming to have no idea how it can ever make money. Its goal always appears to be, “Let’s build that new system now. We’ll figure out the financial part later.” This is the case with Google Wave, one of the latest new projects from Google.

Google Wave, planned for initial release later this year, could be the future replacement for both the current e-mail system and instant messengers. By rethinking the 40-year-old e-mail system and integrating instant messaging techniques, Google has combined the functionality of both while opening it up to collaboration. Although it is not a totally new way of viewing Internet communications, Wave does pull together the concepts underlying e-mail, instant messaging and network meetings.

Google Wave is open source. That means Google is making it freely available to developers for building their own apps. While Google will be offering Wave accounts hosted on its own servers, anyone will be able to host their own Wave server, which can either be inside a private network or connected to the wider Google Wave community—your choice. Google Wave is more a protocol for developing communications systems than it is an end product.

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