Is Google Slacking? | On Plagiarism

This is what I found in Glenn Hefley’s blog who used to work at Google: “Google is famous for not messing around with this type of thing. Someone stealing content, will generally have their Adsense account closed in 48 hours. They will not be able to get it back once it is closed.”

But I have reported this site, for plagiarism  (“An Addition to the Eye of the DragonStalking Castaneda – An Extract. Introduction…”) three or four times since last month and nothing has been done. Is Google slacking? Is that site interfering with my communication? Anybody knows? Most probably, everything they have in the site is plagiarized.

This lack of honesty and integrity shouldn’t be tolerated.  Wake up Google!

Life is what we make it. Always has been, always will be.– Grandma Moses


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  1. Hi guys! Thanks. Enjoyed your blog!


  2. Sorry to hear that, I hate thieves. Just wondering did you have proper proof. Many times its he said she said, type things. Anyway, send the site a cease and desist letter, then you can threaten legal action. Good luck.
    Two Guys
    Blog Life


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