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Recently, I came across a derogatory blog about Mahatma Gandhi. One of the things it pointed out was that he drank his own urine. It is interesting to note how unethical people can twist facts for their own purpose.  I just discovered a book written by doctor  Billy Goldberg with Mark Leyner, and it says that amaroli (urine therapy) is an important technique in yoga practice.  And the Chinese  Association of Urine Therapy says that urine is sterile, antiseptic and nontoxic.

I have to admit that I am sticking to orange juice for the time being. But I will keep in mind that urine properly prescribed can be used to treat cancer and other illnesses. And you can certainly clean a wound with it if nothing else is available; it contains hormones and enzymes but no viruses or bacteria.

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And the book of  Leyner and Goldberg is:

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