Visualizing the BP Oil Spill Disaster | If it was Your Home | BP Deepwater Horizon

This website I found lets you visualize the spill if it was in your area, and keeps you informed of what is going on and what can you do to help.

About The Spill

“An explosion on the BP operated Deepwater Horizon oil rig killed eleven crew members on April 20, 2010, sparking the greatest environmental disaster in United States history. In combination with the Texas City Refinery Explosion and the Prudohoe Bay Oil Spill, this marks the third serious incident involving BP in the United States in the last five years. Current estimates put the amount of oil being discharged from the broken well at above 1,470,000 US gallons per day! There are over 400 different species of animals living in the area affected by the spill. 450 sea turtles and 57 dolphins have been found dead within the spill area (NOAA). BP is operating oil skimmers and other cleanup tools to try to remove oil from the water and Louisiana is building oil containment berms to halt the spread of oil. Experts are uncertain what effect, if any, these efforts will have.”

This is the link to follow:

Bird covered in oil

Boycott BP (Arco is part of BP)


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  1. Thanks Lou! Likewise.


  2. Great post Rio… Keep it up..


  3. Probably! We are creating (and becoming) the scum of the earth.


  4. We know very little since media has been carefully away from the spill, even from the air. My guess is that this is a disaster we will be forced to live with for decades.


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