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I went to see Inception, which was recommended to me by alywaibel.  Excellent movie! I liked how they changed ‘dreams’ — as Toltecs do in the ‘dreaming attention’, although you don’t need all that equipment to do that. What I liked best, however, was the end of the movie when Cobb after reuniting with his family spins his totem to make sure he is not ‘dreaming’ anymore. But we can’t see the outcome, which implies that perhaps life is but a ‘dream’. . .

Regard this fleeting world,

as a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream,

a flash of lightning in a summer cloud,

a flickering lamp, a phantom and a dream.

–Buddha’s Diamond Sutra

Random thought is a trap. Pay attention! It is a dream.

The dreamed dreams the dreamer.

More about real . . . dreaming (scroll down to second section)

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  1. Hi Rio, I’m happy to hear you liked it 🙂


  2. Great review, I don’t watch much material from the military industrial entertainment complex, but this sounds like something I’d like to watch.


  3. Thanks Lou! Yeah! If you get a chance check it out.
    Military industrial entertainment complex?


  4. Thanks for recommending it Aly! Great movie.


  5. Glad to know it’s a good movie. I like DiCaprio.


  6. Yes Lois! Please let me know what you think after you see it


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