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Apparently hyperinflation (monetary inflation occurring at a very high rate) is imminent:

Though the debate between inflationists and deflationists continues to persist, well known economist and statistician John Williams of Shadow Stats ignores deflationist warnings and reports to clients that a flight from the user dollar will be triggered in a matter of months“.

If  Mr. Williams is right the first signs will appear soon. Nobody can be certain of how fast the dollar will collapse, if it does, but it seems inevitable. The main cause is the creation of fiat money by the Federal Reserve for the great recent economic bailout. That money has no backing of gold or silver and the result is the devaluation of the dollar and, therefore, inflation.

Like pretty much everyone else, save the upper echelons of the New World Order conspirators, we really can’t say for certain how serious of a threat hyperinflation is, especially considering that the debate on whether or not inflation or deflation will be the flavor of the day is evenly split at 50/50. It’s anyone’s ball game at this point.”

It is hard for me to visualize the U.S., an only super power, going down due to a bankrupted economy but I guess it could happen. After all, even a super power has a beginning and an end, just like everything else. The Roman Empire fell.

Am I recommending you to worry about the future of our economy? No! We don’t know what exactly will happen. Besides, to worry is useless. As the Christ said, “. . . tomorrow will take care of itself.” But I think it behooves us to do our research, be aware, and be prepared.

It is also good to consider that the situation we are in could be partly our fault. We have this insidious tendency to disregard the obvious. Or to paraphrase Emily Dickinson, we believe what we don’t believe. As an example many of us believe that our votes still make a difference. And in minor matters maybe they do, but the fact is that most of our politicians are mere puppets in the hands of corporate america and the central banks (Federal Reserve)–they run the country. Politicians help us believe what we don’t believe.

We could consider also that this troubled economy stems from the greed of an ego-oriented society.  The ego-trap (Is that a good name for it?) generates the greed that fosters the desire for economic dominance. Our main problem, therefore, is our blindness. We fail to see that everything is interconnected. We fail to see the Unity.

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The author is Mac Slavo at http://www.SHTFplan.com/

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