Awakening | Steve Hagen | Buddhism is not what you think

To better understand Buddhism, Steve Hagen is one of the authors I recommend the most. This quote is from “Buddhism is not what you think”. (Recommended reading)

“To seek enlightenment as though we expect some kind of payback is only to frustrate ourselves. If you really want to wake up, then just wake up.” Or to paraphrase Kabir, if you really want to see “It”, you’ll see it instantly.

It is simple! Our thinking mind (ego) wants complication. Pay attention. It is all right “Here”.

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4 Responses

  1. Yes Sabio! And how complicated our thoughts.


  2. How simple it sounds. How complicated our habits.


  3. It’s right in front of you Aly. The ego is a blinder.
    “Drop the “I” and there is Nirvana here and now”–Buddha


  4. Wanting to know what’s true, (which is another way of saying, wanting enlightenment) is not a problem. It is not painful to want truth. We have had a discussion about this before 😉


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