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In Heather’s blog I found a great example of how Corporate America works, together with the Federal Reserve System (Privately owned Central Bank) that lives of our debt and our taxes. Excerpts and links below.

“Amid the capitalist glory I witnessed at Walmart as a child, I was unaware that something that seemed so right could have been so wrong.”

“In my opinion, welfare reform looks more like Walmart reform. The greatest beneficiaries of public assistance are now capitalists in favor of higher dividends who publicly denounce socialism while secretly reaping it’s rewards. Walmart managed to increase it’s productivity by gaining more workers while tax-paying Americans continued to foot their employee’s bills.”

“American Moms are unwitting participants in America’s economic race to the bottom when they walk into a business that offers one Mom “Everyday Low Prices” and another Mom ”Everyday Low Wages”.

To see the complete article click: Mama Capitalists

Heather’s blog: Heather

Please check video below also:


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