March for Human Rights | Julian Assange | Freedom of the Press?

March for human rights (12/11/2010) ended successfully at Hoover High in City Heights, SD CA.


This poster got me to thinking that not only in Viet Nam we need freedom of speech.  Julian Assange  is still in jail. And Ms. Hillary Rhodam Clinton who a few months back was criticizing China for not allowing freedom of the press is now condemning Assange for exposing criminal actions for which no one has been charged. Is there freedom of the press in America? Democracy? Where are we heading?  New World Order

One of these young ladies will be Miss Vietnam.

Viet Tan: To overcome dictatorship and establish democracy in Vietnam.

“Viet Tan engages in actions that empower the Vietnamese people. Specifically, we seek to roll back existing restrictions against two basic human rights: freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly. These freedoms enable a civil society.”

Trinh Le, the event organizer, at my table.

Beautiful lady perusing my book, A vagabond in Mexico. It throws some light in the immigration problem.


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2 Responses

  1. Hi Heather!
    Yes, there is a lot of corruption to hide everywhere.
    I wrote a couple of short stories but they haven’t been published.


  2. Hi Rio,

    There are many reasons why people would try to silence the speech of someone else. They are all usually about hiding how bad something is (whether America’s the bad guy or someone else). A positive truth is usually shouted from rooftops so all people take notice, right?

    By the way, have you ever written short stories and had them published? A short story that I read in college is coming to mind in the same vein as your book. I’m wondering if you wrote it. I cannot remember the title.


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