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On February 1, 2009 I posted on this blog that I had lost my job.

At the time I was working for Ace Parking Management Inc as a cashier. And the reason I lost my job was because I placed a validation coupon, which had been given to me by a company detective, in the wrong ticket. In other words, I failed a detective test, and that made me a suspect; they figured I was keeping their money. But did they really think so? Or did my supervisors recent the fact that I wasn’t letting them be rude, and my mistake was a good excuse to fire me?

I knew my only fault was to have misplaced that coupon, so I asked my supervisor to show me the ticket in question so that I could find where the problem was. I knew there was a mistake somewhere. He said he didn’t have the ticket; it was never shown to me. He said to go and see the union. My immediate manager said that “he could say a lot of good things about me” (I had work there over two years) so he would give me good references. How nice of him!

When I called human resources they also refused to listen.

I wanted to clear the matter, so I went to the Union. It took close to six months to get a hearing (I was never paid for that time). During this time Ace Parking showed a totally unprofessional and unethical behavior. After about three months, they send a copy of the ticket (front), which the union returned to them showing that the ticket had been properly validated, and explaining why there had been no money involved in the transaction; the ticket showed clearly a “zero” value, and the time in the ticket also proved the coupon in question was placed there by accident. The Teamsters thought it was enough evidence to drop the charges. But Ace Parking didn’t respond.

They never sent copy of the back of the ticket either, and it had conclusive evidence (proper validation) that there was no money value in that ticket, why were they stalling and withholding evidence? They must have seen the back of that ticket, right?

I wrote a letter to the CEO for help (I had met him personally years before) and I don’t think he ever received it. At human resources they told me later he did, but another letter that they were supposed to send on my behalf (after they were ordered by the mediator to reinstate me) was never received. I know because after I resigned recently I went to see the Irvine Co (the Ace Parking customer I had been working for in La Jolla Gateway at 9191 Centre Dr, La Jolla CA–they didn’t give a hoot either) and they never received the letter that I had written, explaining that the investigation had cleared me.

I am hoping this post gets noticed by Mr. Scott Jones, the owner of the company, or by Mr. John Baumgardner the CEO. I don’t think they know how lacking in integrity their management team is. Isn’t the company supposed to value their employees? It says so in their statement of purpose. Is that how Ace Parking values their employees?

Ace Parking Management Inc needs to start training their managers properly. Most of them don’t seem to know what leadership is; they also lack integrity. This is tantamount to Ace Parking Management Inc lacking integrity; management is the company. And my case is living proof that Ace Parking Management Inc does not value their employees.

Considering that I recently posted about the YMCA’s lack of integrity also ( What Happened to the YMCA? | Integrity, What is It? | Review ), and I have seen it often, should we conclude that this is a common practice in our country? Are we missing something? Many years ago I read a book titled “The Social Contract” by Robert Ardrey. He wrote it in memory of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. He arrives at the conclusion that in developed countries the hungry psyche has replaced the hungry belly. It seems like an accurate conclusion, don’t you think?

Is it any wonder that we have a corrupt government selling our country to the highest bidders?


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  1. Thanks for your comment. Appreciated!


  2. Hi Rio,
    I am a former Ace Parking Manager who was working for the company in Phoenix AZ. I could not agree with you more regarding the lack of integrity. Here in Phoenix at one of their largest City accounts there is an accounting clerk who is the be all and end all when it comes to processing the tickets I have witnessed her manipulate tickets in the event she does not like a cashier and then send the manipulated paperwork to the union if there is a dispute. To me it is outrageous but it really does happen frequently. I have worked at other parking companies for quite some time and it did not happen at those companies but it does happen at Ace regularly. Just wanted to take a moment to validate your claim from a managerial perspective.


  3. Hi Heather!
    Our country is in the wrong hands and going downhill.


  4. Hi Rio,

    I’m routing for you! Integrity does not seem to be required for business any more. It’s a damned shame!


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  6. I love it, a real story by a real person. Great read I hope you get some traffic.
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    Be Well


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