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I just received an email from Courage to Resist; part of it says:

“It’s beyond ironic that leaked US State Department cables have contributed to revolution and revolt against dictatorships across the Middle East and North Africa, yet Bradley Manning is threatened with execution—or at least life in prison—for being the source.”

Actually, I don’t think is ironic; I don’t think our corporate dictatorship wants to topple other dictators. What they want is control of those countries through whoever is in power, and now their control is in jeopardy. What do you think?

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Turbo Tax | Tax Exemptions

I just finished doing my taxes with Turbo Tax and I want to recommend their services. As you know, if you are employed and also have a home business your tax exceptions increase, and can double your tax return. Turbo Tax helped me find all my exceptions with their simple, easy to follow system. So if you haven’t done your taxes yet, you may want to give them a try. This is their location: Good luck!

I also recommend:

Bank of America, A Corporation | Your Bank?

Bank of America is one of the banks that form the Federal Reserve System Cartel. Should we boycott? What do you think?

Why Bank of America fired me?

See also: A Central Bank’s Scheme at:

Chevy Volt | Boycott Oil Companies

Chevy Volt Interior

The big banks, Wall Street, oil companies and others that profit from war are wrecking havoc in our economy, and stealing not only our money but our democracy. Our next car must be no other than an electric car, not only to fight the inflation they themselves created but to change the course of events. Our democracy is gone, check: A George Bush and 9/11 The only real vote we have right now is how we spend our money; for your next car demand an electric. To boycott Chase, Citibank and Bank of America would also help; they have blood in their hands. And don’t join the army, we are not fighting for freedom; our soldiers are cannon fodder at the moment.

“When running on electricity, the Volt can reach a top speed of 100 mph in near silence. Free of the typical noise of the internal combustion engine, the Volt offers a quieter, more relaxing ride at any speed.”

Give it a test drive

Madison Wisconsin | Michael Moore Speech

I found a video that I must share with you: Michael Moore in Wisconsin on Saturday March 5, 2011. We may still be getting rid of the Unspeakable. By the way I must recommend that book: John F Kennedy and the Unspeakable: Why he Died and Why it Matters by James W Douglass. The same entity is behind the 9/11 attacks and George W Bush. Mr Douglass concludes, after writing his book, that what he has written about the assassination, “is only a tiny, visible piece of a systemic evil that continues to reach into the depths of our world. But grace also abounds. Peace is possible.” In his speech Mr. Moore is brave enough to bring them out in the open, so that peace may still be possible.

Our Politicians at Work | The New Budget

Should we get them that bigger computer?

“House Minority Leader  Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, pictured standing, far right, speaks while colleagues Rep. Barbara Lambert, D-Milford and Rep. Jack F. Hennessy, D-Bridgeport, play solitaire Monday night as the House convened to vote on a  new budget. (AP) 

The guy sitting in the row in front of these two….he’s on Facebook, and the guy behind Hennessy is checking out the baseball scores.

These are the folks that couldn’t get the budget out by Oct. 1, and are about to control your health care, cap and trade, and the list goes on and on….

Should we buy them larger screen computers – or – a ticket home, permanently?

This is one of their 3-DAY WORK WEEKS that we all pay for (salary is about $179,000 per year)”.


Dr Lynn Drittenbas sent me this on an email titled “A picture that is worth trillions” with the request to,

“KEEP THIS GOING! DON’T LET IT STOP WITH YOU!” So here it is! Is it any wonder that we are in the state we are in?


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