Made in China versus American Apparel

Since I know corporate america takes our jobs elsewhere to make more money, I was trying to find somewhere I could get clothing not made in China or Bangladesh or Thailand, etc. The only place I could find was American Apparel. Do you know any other places?

American Apparel! The model could be the store manager, another reason for the guys to stop by.

Web address:


Lawman Bass Reeves, US Deputy Marshall | Food for Thought

U.S. Deputy Marshall Bass Reeves

“The First African American US Deputy Marshall West of the Mississippi River”

I was browsing at Borders Books and Music, and I found this book about a famous lawman named Bass Reeves who was a black man; and who was so efficient that survived 14 gunfights without a scratch. He brought in more than 3,000 felons in 32 years of service under Judge Parker (the hanging judge). 

How many movies has Hollywood made about Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday? We have been given a very distorted view of history, haven’t we? Food for thought.

I found a movie about Reeves that was released on 2010, and I missed it because I didn’t even hear about it.  Although I have to admit I don’t go to the movies that often. I guess I’ll get it on itunes later. 

“He was the most famous lawman the west ever had.  During his thirty-two years of service he fought in fourteen shoot-outs and was never wounded once.  He brought in over three thousands outlaws, was an expert tracker and marksman and often wore disguises to enter outlaw sanctums.  Yet to this day, his name is only known to a handful of historians.  Why is this so?  Because Bass Reeves was a black man.”

More info at: The Black Art Depot Today  or just google his name.

9/11 | Controlled Demolition | New Evidence

Controlled Demolition! Who did it?

“COURTHOUSE VIGILS with Introductory Outreach and Press Conferences”
“The Courthouse Vigils are actions taking place during the week on September 8 or 9 at prominent county courthouses. The purpose is to educate local public officials and broaden local awareness of the severity and implications of the key evidence in the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers. We’ll use AE911Truth materials also to publicize our other 10th Anniversary local actions – especially the premiere of our new DVD 9/11: Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out at local libraries and theaters.”

Need I say more?

The Federal Reserve and the Mega Banks | Our Challenge

It occurred to me  that our gullibility, our apathy and our lack of awareness is what has allowed The Economic Collapse to happen; they have been in control for decades. Our challenge is to become aware of what is going on and proceed to make changes to a superficial lifestyle that props the Megabanks. Our challenge is to spend our money consciously in a way that helps other human beings; our problem is our selfishness. If we start helping others in the very way we live the Megabanks won’t have a chance; if we don’t we deserve whatever we get from them because we are no better. The power for change is within us.

Although I think that the Federal Reserve and the Megabanks are the same thing, these guys have a point, and they are bringing the economy down. Gold and Silver are going up which means the dollar is weakening.

Two quotes below:

“If they acted in concert, these six banks could literally bring down the U.S. economy overnight if they wanted to.  Together with the Federal Reserve, these six banks represent the real financial power in America.”

“The frightening thing is that the power of these megabanks is growing at a frightening pace.  As dozens upon dozens of smaller U.S. banks are “allowed to fail”, they either go out of existence or the Feds actually encourage these smaller banks to sell themselves to one of the big sharks.  In either event, the banking power in the United States becomes further consolidated in the hands of the megabanks.”

The question is,  are we up to the challenge? Are we ready to wake up and live like human beings?

Muhammad Ali vs Oscar De La Hoya | Who is fighting for freedom?


When Muhammad Ali refused induction in the armed forces he was aware that the enemy is inside not outside. Ali was aware that he would be cannon fodder,  and fighting for a ruthless corporate oligarchy that kills to defend their interests, not for anybody’s freedom. At the time, I wasn’t aware myself; I am a veteran for peace now.

I  saw Oscar de la Hoya on the news this morning, at the gym’s tv. He is either totally unaware of what is going on or he has been bought by our corporate dictatorship. I hope the former is true. And maybe he will come across this lines and bother to do some research to find out what our troops are really dying and killing for. Otherwise, he will never be a match for Ali.

Our armed forces are being  misused and abused, and should be avoided until we clean house. We were led into war with Iraq and Afghanistan with lies and plots. 9/11 was never an “attack.” Check: Demolition And go from there; do your own research.


Mainstream Media is Show Business | Democracy Now!

Stop These Wars

Did you know that a few days ago 500,000 angry protesters streamed through the streets of London?  They have banksters there too.“This is Economic Treason”: 500,000 March in London Protesting Public Spending Cuts and Corporate Tax Dodgers

Do you know about the outcome of the recent anti-union bills? Have you heard of the latest news from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Our Media is keeping us entertained with distant lands–Japan and Lybia.  For the issues that matter go to  Democracy Now

Mike Ferner, former Veterans For Peace president and Navy corpsman, said, “Since 2003, U.S. taxpayers have spent over 780 billion dollars to kill more than a million Iraqis, leaving the survivors considerably worse off than before; killing 4,439 U.S. troops and wounding many thousands more. At every level our economy is bankrupt, while state budget crises prove that maintaining an Empire kills people abroad and turns our people and cities into ‘collateral damage.’ Our infrastructure isn’t bombed, it simply rots from neglect.”

Mike Prysner, co-founder of March Forward! and an Army combat veteran of the Iraq War, said, “In March 2003, I landed in Iraq as a 19 year-old soldier in the U.S. Army. Little did I know that my life would never be the same again — nor would the lives of millions of others. That war was based on willful lies and deceptions from Washington and the Pentagon—just like the war in Afghanistan. While over $700 million a day is spent on these criminal wars, unions, education and social services are slashed. We can change this, but we have to stand up and fight back.”

“We have become a killer nation and our economy is addicted to endless war spending. The Congress and the White House have been taken over by the corporate oligarchy and they have drowned democracy.”—Bruce Gagnon

Be advised, Afghanistan is known as “the graveyard of empires.”

Quotes are from: STOP THESE WARS and home (Veterans for Peace)

Martin Luther King said, “Our only hope today lies in our ability to recapture the revolutionary spirit and go out into a sometimes hostile world declaring eternal hostility to poverty, racism, and militarism

James Connolly, the Irish socialist leader who was executed by the British in 1916, said:

“It would be well to realize that the talk of ‘humane methods of warfare,’ of the ‘rules of civilized warfare,’ and all such homage to the finer sentiments of the race are hypocritical and unreal, and only intended for the consumption of stay-at-homes. There are no humane methods of warfare, there is no such thing as civilized warfare; all warfare is inhuman, all warfare is barbaric; the first blast of the bugles of war ever sounds for the time being the funeral knell of human progress. What lover of humanity can view with anything but horror the prospect of this ruthless destruction of human life. Yet this is war: war for which all the jingoes are howling, war to which all the hopes of the world are being sacrificed, war to which a mad ruling class would plunge a mad world.”

Let’s get informed so that we can boycott properly.

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