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Zeitgeist  Movement

I  couldn’t download this video but below is the link. It is a long video. It also has an important message. I did, however, find a missing link: The basic reason for our socio-economic system’s failure is the selfish greed of the few in power; due to that there is a banking cartel in control of our economy with their own agenda. And as long as we don’t understand how our ego renders us blind to the fact that everything is interconnected and nothing stands on its own, any socio-economic system will fail. Our fabulous technology is hindering us by hiding our magic. We need to evolve inwardly. Please correct me if I am wrong. 


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  1. Hi Heather! Yes! We need to change from ourselves from within.


  2. Hi Mr. Rio,

    I’m catching up on posts. Glad to see you continue to fight the good/peaceful fight. I love what you say here. Anytime I try a conversation in this vein with people I only casual know, many times their eyes will glaze over as if the concept of community and collective action is completely foreign to them…but unfortunately, it is. Let’s keep writing to change that! Cheers!


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