May 1, 2012 | A Day Without the 99% | General Strike


Just a reminder: There is a general strike on May first. Please join over 115 cities. Your support necessary, anyway you can. Walk out of work, school etc. No shopping either. For help to get ready please check: May Day Directory: Occupy General Strike in Over 115 Cities

In Tucson Az, May Day General strike meets on Armory Park (Fifth Ave and 12th St) 9am to 10:30 pm

“9:00 Annual Tucson May 1st Coalition March for Immigrant and Workers Rights, from Greyhound Park Parking lot to Armory Park for a Noon rally with speakers, entertainment and info booths. Afterwards, join Occupy Tucson at Armory Park for extended fun, entertainment, potluck, and other activities, well into the evening.”

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