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Wether Barack Obama gets elected or Mitt Romney gets elected is irrelevant; they both work for corporate America. But Obama has done such a nice job for them that my gut feeling is that they will re-elect him. He is so much better at deceiving people, pretending to be on their side, pretending that America is still a democracy. He is such a good front for them (due to being black). The corporate oligarchy needs Obama (the traitor).

I was planning to vote for Buddy Roemer, even if he is not on the ballot anymore, just to show them that I know what is going on, but I feel embarrassed. Our system has become so corrupt that voting is a travesty. This is how I am going to cast my vote:

How to vote, a list:

  • Don’t do business with the mega banks (Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo et cetera) that is doing business with the enemy. Too big to fail means they are above the law; nobody should be above the law. They are stealing.
  • Don’t buy “made in China (or somewhere else)” stuff. It comes from sweat shops; you are supporting corporate gangsters when you do. Go to American Apparel. If you are pressed for cash get your clothing at the thrift store, so you don’t encourage the clothing giants and support small business.
  • Don’t join the army. You are fighting for the corporations that comprise the military industrial complex (they are making money on war, blood money) not for democracy. If we bring our troops home the crisis ends.
  • Buy an electric car. The oil companies are a great part of the problem.
  • Stay away from the mainstream media; it’s misleading. For the real news: Democracy Now 
  • Do your homework, so you can understand what is going on, and accept your own responsibility in the matter. Your inaction will keep the tyrants in power and they are extremely dangerous.
  • Support small business.
  • Spread the word! The more people know, the less power they’ll have. The reason they work in the shadows is because they need public support to survive; they need our money.
  • To get educated, start here: AE 9/11 Truth (Please sign the petition) Or here: A Thrive

I am also helping to build an Eco village about an hour away from Tucson. It may be the way to go, an alternative. Pictures below:

On the road to Eco village

Daniel is cooking breakfast

Samuel and Paula erecting the gate

Dave is building the fence

I am helping Maria at the fence

More about Eco Village at:  Arizona School for International Shamanism Studies 


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  1. Hi Jill! Hope you are well.
    I agree with you “this perspective is very disturbing” but the fact is that both men work for the corporate oligarchy; they have been bought. What is really disturbing to me is that so many Americans still think that we still have a democracy, so many Americans (even the occupy movement) refuse to accept that 9/11 was an inside job (http://ae911truth.org), and so many Americans turn a blind eye to what is going on: our country has been stolen by the mega banks; the Federal Reserve is a trojan horse.
    Actually, I was right about the election outcome: Obama won. He is really doing a good job for them. (I shouldn’t say them though, when we turn a blind eye, when we do nothing, we are them.)
    Please check this site: http://thrivemovement.com/ and spread the word.
    What “important differences that do make a difference” are you referring to? The economy won’t be fixed be either of them (they are stealing), and the war will continue.


  2. Hi Rio. I don’t agree with you regarding the election outcome, not making a difference. I want to respect our differences, but this perspective is very disturbing to me. When you and others, repeatedly reiterate that it doesn’t make a difference, I have to chalk that up to sweeping generalizations that ignore very important differences that do make a difference.


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