The Dragon Tree | Earth Day Festival in Santa Barbara, CA

IMG_1034The Dragon Tree / Dracaena cinnabari

The Dragon blood tree is the most famous and distinctive plant of the island of Socotra. It has a unique and strange appearance, described as “upturned, densely-packed crown having the shape of an upside-down umbrella”. This evergreen species is named after its dark red resin, that is known as “dragon’s blood”.—Wikipedia

IMG_1031Dance, Earth Day Festival, Alameda Park

I forgot my camera so I took the pictures at the end of the day.

IMG_1024A Monumental Fig Tree



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  1. This tree is often cited as having the largest trunk circumference in the world. Critics, for a long time thought, that it might actually represent the fused trunks of several different individuals. However, recent study of DNA samples from the tree using random amplified polymorphic DNA indicates that it is in fact a single individual (Dorado et al. 1996).


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