Memorial Day | Please Remember . . .

Memorial day is coming! I am a veteran. I lost friends in the Viet Nam war, a corporate war.

vietnam-war-life58,000 soldiers died, millions of vietnamese . . . A war to enrich a few people.

Please remember that it is not wise or noble to die for Exxon Mobile or Bank of America. Please see video!

They are making their money; we are cannon fodder.

No war! The enemy is inside.

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To the Tucson Folk Festival | A Note

Folk festival

I have to apologize to those who expected to find me at the Folk Festival in Tucson. A lady displaying an adorable smile told me that I was competing with the paying vendors. She couldn’t allow me there anymore (I used to show my books, under some trees, by the entrance).

There wasn’t a change of management, she explained; it was her own idea of fairness. But what is fairness?

Everyone has a right to make a living, and to some, it is impractical or impossible to pay for a booth to sell a few items; it doesn’t make sense. Is it fair to kick them out? We are part of a socioeconomic system that keeps the ones who have above all others, but that is not “fairness.” To exclude the ones who can’t is not “fairness” is egotism. And that is why we are in the sorry situation in which we are right now–a banking cabal is stealing the country’s wealth and performing terrorist attacks. When we lose our virtue, we are easy prey for vipers. We need to change our direction.

The irony here is that that is what my books do: awake the reader. But I guess we don’t want to awake, and it is better to keep books away; we rather get killed in our ignorance. If that is the case, so be it. But keep in mind that we always reap what we sow; our ignorance and egotism will yield a sour fruit, either for ourselves or our descendants. We are already in the Hunger Games, reaping what we have sown: our youth is fighting for the pleasure and profit of a few sociopaths. And it will get worse. May the odds be ever in your favor. o

If you have any doubt that we need a change of direction click below.

Update: our situation well-explained.


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