The Eye of the Dragon | Book Signing!

If all goes as planned The Eye of the Dragon: Stalking Castaneda will be at Bookmans (6230 E. Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ) on Saturday, May 10 from 1 to 3 pm. It will be accompanied by A Vagabond in Mexico, 9/11 Truth: Implications and 9/11 La Verdad: Implicaciones.  (Timely  books!) I plan to be there too. Namasté!


In The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda the author has written an engaging metaphysical narrative about the work of Carlos Castaneda. He is telling his own adventures and experiences, and using these as metaphors for the actual teachings.
At the premise level, this book is focused on a fairly generic subject, but at the execution level this generic quality is lifted with a personal and unique narrative. This personal touch warms up the material and makes the work accessible to the reader. Guzman’s writing style is particularly engaging, and he has a wonderful cadence to his writing that grabs readers and holds their attention.

“A casual, honest voice.” Reader’s Digest

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9:11 New9/11: Are we cannon fodder? Grave implications!

BookCov VagAs timely as it ever was!


Hotel Posada La Fuente | San Miguel de Allende

2nd Floor FuenteSecond Floor

I left Guanajuato a few days ago, and I want to recommend this hotel where I stayed for a month: Posada La fuente. (At  Ancha de San Antonio y  Callejon de San Antonio). It is an old building with brick walls thick enough to keep noise away. Although the room I chose had a window to the street, which made it somewhat vulnerable, it also had the sun streaming in during the morning, and that was a fair trade-off, I thought. The noise almost never disturbed me; it never prevented my sleep.

La FuenteLa Fuente

It was room number “1,” on the second floor. You can do your sun salutation in the mornings, or whatever you prefer to do, and at night you can use the little terrace in the back, one floor up, to watch the sun set while you do whatever you want to do. This hotel is centrally located, so you have everything conveniently near: restaurants, tamales–half a block to your right on Ancha de San Antonio St, banana or carrot bread about half a block away (up the street perpendicular to the tamales), licuados a block down on Callejon de San Antonio, etcetera. The main plaza (el jardin) is about 10 blocks away (mostly uphill). I had a great stay in that hotel; I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine slanting in during the mornings–and a full moon one night.

My RoomNumber One

I have to let you know though: during my last week there I heard a dog howling in the early morning hours. It wasn’t the regular howling of a dog though. It was as if someone was unbearably hurting the dog; they were desperate, distressing howls (I’d never heard a dog howl like that). I felt tempted to get up and go out to find the source, but the harrowing howls only lasted for a minute or less. I asked the clerk in the morning once but she didn’t know, and I forgot to ask the night-watch. But my last night there, right after the howling, I heard a voice below my window, loud and clear, and it said one word: “Brujo” Maybe it wasn’t a “dog.”

But if when you stay at Posada La Fuente, that “dog” is still in San Miguel, and the gruesome howling bothers you, you can always switch to a room across the hall, away from the street, but you’ll miss the sunlight slanting into your room during the morning.

Maybe the “dog” won’t be there.

ChapalaLake Chapala,  close to Guadalajara




9/11 Truth and Facebook! | The Hunger Games!


Some in Facebook don’t agree with “my politics” and see me as the “enemy.”  I guess the evidence  proving that 9/11 was an inside job makes me an enemy, and they are  not even open to discussing it. That is the message.

Well, you have been misled. Please allow me to explain who the enemy is.

The enemy has stolen your country, your freedom, your independence and your democracy (although the debt we have is fabricated; that was robbery). Please See: The Creature form Jekyll Island: A Second look at the Federal Reserve by Edward Griffin

The enemy controls your media (to anesthetize and keep you docile) and your government.

The enemy is sending you to war for their pleasure and profit; the Hunger Games are here, please see: and also,

The enemy is so sly it’s hiding right under your very nose, but you can’t see it. In fact, we have two hidden, inner enemies who fit the same description. (Can you see them? Hint: One sprouts from the other.)

We are running out of time. The time to change direction is NOW! We have to start caring Now!

It behooves you to do your own research and try to figure out who the real enemy is (trust me; it is not me); and I really don’t think you have much time. They have plans! Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck.  

Welcome to the 2014 Hunger Games!  

Hunger GamesMay the odds be ever in your favor!

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“He who does not punish evil, commands it to be done.”
Leonardo Di Vinci

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