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I tried to review this movie on Amazon, but you have to buy the video there and avoid words like f@#k. I am avoiding it here just in case it may offend somebody. But I really don’t understand because it’s really one of the words most  used in the English language, at least in America. Then again, maybe I do understand; we are members of a rotting socioeconomic system that doesn’t bat an eye at the murder of thousand of innocent people in immoral wars for profit, but maybe the word “f@#k” can offend some sort of “morality” in it–hypocrisy at its best. I am including an hilarious video by Osho, on the word f@#k, at the end of this post that even suggests a meditation on the famous word, but please read my review first; it has a message. Thanks!

I am writing this review because everyone I read missed the point. It’s true that this is an action film with chases, shootings, gore and lots of special effects, Hollywood’s preferred way to distract you and get your attention away from other issues. But it is not just that; it also has a message. Remember the last line? The bullet is retreating after it finished the last of the bad guys, and in the process the main character (Wesley) is remembering his struggle to first, get out of an insipid useless life, and now finally finishing his entanglement with assassins. The bullet reaches his weapon, he looks at the audience and says: “. . . and what the f@#k are you doing?”
In today’s world, that is an excellent question, “What the f@#k are we doing with our lives?” And I am afraid that regretfully, like most reviewers, most people will miss it.

This is, I believe, the actual quote: “This is me taking control from Sloan (last assassin, M. Freeman), from the fraternity, from Janice from billing reports, from ergonomic keyboards, from cheating girlfriends and a sack of shit best friends. This is me taking back control of my life. (now is when he looks at the audience and asks) . . . and what the fuck have you done lately?

Isn’t that the challenge?

But wait, what am I doing? You can’t ask yourself that question, you have been programmed, and your program will not allow it. Right?

Enjoy your video!

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  1. It was hilarious!


  2. Concerning f@#k:
    Originally, some believe, frigg of which f@#k is a corruption was a blessing similar to ‘Be fruitful and multiply.’ It is in reference to the Goddess Frigga who is the Norse Goddess of Beauty, Love and Marriage. Too bad it has been so badly corrupted. When I was a kid f@#k was rarely used except by the bad guys. Today it’s everywhere.

    Thanks for the Osho bit, it was pretty funny 🙂


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