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Okay, let’s see if we can clarify.

I am seeing lots of reviews about this movie, and about what the story is leading to. But hey! All these movies are misleading you. Look!

In the first place traveling through space for years (while sleeping in a pod) is ridiculous. (Warp Speed) We already have the technology (hidden, of course) to bend time and space, and put them behind us. This is show business, entertainment, just like the black glue. Second, the real Xenomorphs are already here, and they will be devouring your innards while the movie entertains you. Third, the fact that (Engineers) extraterrestrials interfered  in our Evolution doesn’t mean much. We are all the Source; we don’t have to go anywhere to find It—freedom and knowledge are things of the Spirit. Look within!
Enjoy the movie, but remember that the face clinchers got you a long time ago (1913), and now, the Xenomorphs/2 are tearing you to pieces.

PS. To see how the Xenomorphs work click Here

For a plan of action click Action Now

To let the Xenomorphs tear you to pieces do nothing.


The Eye of the Dragon


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  1. Extremely sorry to hear that Mark. If you are eating meat and dairy products, it may be a good idea to drop them. I am sending you an email. Mine:


  2. Hi Rio,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch lately. I had a stroke last month that effected my vision, so reading is difficult and driving is impossible. Do you know of any good herbs or medicines that can dissolve a blood clot in the brain or help stroke victimize? Currently they are prescribing aspirin. Big deal. If you know of a doctor that treats things like this, or of any herbs that treat this, let me know. I’m all ears 🙂

    By the way, what is your direct email address, I don’t seem to have it.

    ~ Mark ~


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