Arunachala / God in a Hill / Tiruvannamalai

India is an incredible country. I am not going to try to describe it now; I just got here. Busy! But a few pictures of the Ashram are enclosed.

MonkeyI opened the faucet for this monkey to drink, and, after he finished, he threatened me (I have witnesses). Someone said he did that because he didn’t know me. You figure!

IMG_2777Meditation Hall


Home of Ramana Maharshi 

IMG_2779Tiruvannamalai’s Temple

MonkeysTaking a nap across the dinning hall at the Ashram.

Don’t be misled. They can be aggressive. I saw one forcefully trying to steal a bag from a lady. He was stopped by the yells of a passerby. I was taken aback by the surprise attack.


September 11!!! You forgot??? May the odds be ever in your favor.

Remember! Remember!
September 11,
Deceit, Treason, and more . . .

Systemic War, Ongoing Death
Three Thousand Blown away.
Remember September “O” one.

September 11The Hunger Games here???

9/11 TruthImplications


Action Now!

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