The New Normal / Martial Law / Coronavirus

Going back to “normal” is unacceptable.

September 11

It’s true that now the oligarchs are going for our throats. But “normal” wasn’t really normal. How can you call a socioeconomic system, which is based on theft and murder, “normal?” Now, if we have the will and the courage, we have a chance to make changes.

Note: 5G could be the source of the coronavirus—if there is such a thing; it is not a regular virus. Please watch:

But whatever the source is, this virus is being used to attain global control. They are creating panic to justify the need to vaccinate (vaccines are big business for an immoral healthcare system, not a solution:!!!—Claire-Edwards—International-Message:3?r=AZbFrCxjhhHyr94gNLRKDkdP8DrDyXuj

An RFID chip will be next to identify you as a vaccinated citizen so that you can travel and do business. If you do not accept the chip, travel, and business transactions will be out of reach; you will be ostracized.

I know that most of humanity lives in ignorance; they don’t know (or care to know) about what’s happening to their world. But a significant number of people (an amount large enough to make a stand) know, and this may be our last chance to make that stand.

If we kneel and accept their chips, our life will belong to the beast.!!!—Claire-Edwards—International-Message:3?r=AZbFrCxjhhHyr94gNLRKDkdP8DrDyXuj

If we boycott their banks, and reject their vaccines, chips, and 5G towers, we will lose some weight (among other things). But we’ll retain our humanity to establish a new system in which people are more important than profits and possessions.

To change to this new paradigm, we must develop a new consciousness. Now! The question is, can we handle it? 

If we can’t handle it, the RFID chips will become more and more sophisticated to finally turn us into the “internet of things.” Isn’t that scary? Please watch:

The Hunger Games are here, now. May the odds be ever in your favor.

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  1. Hi Mark! Thanks for your comment.
    The problem is global.

    But an example of theft in the US is the bailout of 2008. An example of murder is the WTC false flag of 9/11/01 and the subsequent wars on a false terrorism that have produced millions of deaths. ( / overwhelming evidence)

    I think you missed my video on the Federal Reserve (2). It explains who they really are. This book will help you also: The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second look at the Federal Reserve by Griffin

    You can trust the vaccines if you want to, but please remember that today vaccines are primarily big business. Some have been linked to autism.

    I do agree with you that we are already tracked (phones etc.). But again I think you missed my last video. This RFID will be placed on your brain (practcally unremovable) and it will turn you into the “internet of things.” That is why I say this may be our last chance to make a stand. Please check it out. Interesting.

    The assassinations (Kennedys, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X etc), the Bailouts, 9/11 are symptoms of a much sinister crime: humanity has been programmed to accept this system as normal. It is not normal. It is an extremely sick socioeconomic system in which war is a lucrative business for a few. (Military-Industrial complex)

    Best wishes.


  2. Some comments if I may:

    “How can you call a socioeconomic system, which is based on theft and murder,”

    Are you referring to the United States? If so, ow do you come to that conclusion? If the US is that bad then why do so many people from other countries want to be here?

    “5G could be the source of the coronavirus”

    5G is a high frequency radio wave. It is no different than any other radio wave except for the frequency. That radio band has been used 30 years at least. What is different now is that the FCC has opened it up for more commercial traffic and so it will get more crowded, sort of like a freeway. But it could never be the source of the virus because no radio wave has ever produced anything organic.

    With regard to Dr Cameron Kyle Sidell:
    Maybe I missed something but his principal argument seems to be that the problem is not due to a virus but to Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). That is a condition where fluid leaks from small blood vessels and collects in tiny air sacs in your lungs so they can’t fill with enough air. Because of this, your blood can’t pick up the oxygen it needs to carry to the rest of your body. Organs such as your kidneys or brain might not work the way they should or might shut down.
    I tend to doubt his conclusions as there is a test for the virus and people with raspatory problems test positive for the presence of that virus. This is not to mention the hundreds of other doctors and hospitals who don’t agree with him.

    Here is another interesting link:

    Danger of Vaccinations:
    I have heard of the dangers of vaccinations for at least 50 years, some have had reactions and others have actually died, but those are in the extreme minority.
    When I went into the service and they sent me to Japan, I was given a multitude of shots for virtually everything from the Black Plague to the flu. I never had a reaction and I don’t think I even got a cold for something like 5 years. While I have heard of some having a reaction from the shots, they are in the extreme minority. So, what is the better thing; one person out of a thousand getting sick from a shot or a thousand people likely getting sick from the disease?

    RFID Chip:
    These chips cannot be read from any distance greater than an inch or so as they have no power of their own. The power is transmitted to the chip by the wand that also reads it. They are quite popular in the animal field where horses and other animals are registered because of their value. We had a cat that was “chipped.” I saw It done. As for chipping people, this has been done, but it is rare so far. The biggest concern is chipping newborn’s in a hospital so they aren’t given to the wrong people or are stolen. Chipping at this point us not a bad idea IMHO as they can easily be removed at a later date. The last I saw (about 18 years ago), they used a RFID band on the baby’s wrist that was battery powered which transmitted to receivers at the hospital doors. They may be doing something different now though.

    “If we kneel and accept their chips”
    I essentially agree with you here. But do you know that it has essentially already happened to nearly the entire population of the world? Do you have a cell phone? If you do, you can be tracked to within a few dozen yards of where you are at any time. The newest phones apparently have GPS in them which can pin point you to a few inches. The only way to go off line is to remove the battery because turning it off does not fully turn off the phone. Pretty sneaky huh?

    The Federal Reserve:
    I don’t think anyone understands the Federal Reserve but the cartoon does go a long way in that direction. There is no doubt that it needs to be audited, publicly.

    “May you live in interesting times.”
    ~ Alleged Chinese Curse ~

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