The Sasquatch Verified / Lloyd Pye

The Sasquatch’s message to humanity

The Sasquatch’s existence is obvious just like the earth is a globe. To verify the earth is round simply try to find your location anywhere using only your latitude. If you try this in the middle of the Pacific Ocean you will have a lot of fun. Good luck!

To verify the Sasquatch’s existence simply go here: There are also many individual testimonies.


But what I find interesting is his message. It was redacted by SunBow because they use telepathy:

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversation With Elder Kamooh

“The Sasquatch‘s People and the Council of Star Elders (ETs) say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising our vibration to higher levels of consciousness. It is time to know our truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to our humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking. Everyone likes the idea of saving the world, but if you try, the world will destroy you. However, if you change yourself, the world around you will change with you.”

Sasquatch elder Kamooh says:

The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversation With Elder Kamooh

Our people, like yours, were bioengineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many aeons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted species of that era, a giant lemur, now long extinct, just like they did to create your species much later with the DNA of another evolved large primate that you call Anthropopitecus. This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your species and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.

I have not met Elder Kamooh myself, but his message is pertinent to our situation. Lloyd Pye has a similar statement around mark (1:40) in this video:

Related Link:

His name is Brogan:


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