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BookCov VagMexico bound!

A Vagabond in Mexico is going with me to Mexico. The plan is to leave next month, if The Fates do not interfere. It will be interesting to see the places I traveled through, and lived, so many years ago. I know the people won’t be there. Fine! I won’t look for them anyway. I want to remember them as they were. In truth, we are all here now. May the Spirit guide my steps. I’ll keep you posted. Namaste.

A Vagabond in Mexico, Excerpt | Cannon PowerShot A490

This picture of a partial page from ‘A Vagabond in Mexico’ was taken with my Cannon A490.  Nice little camera! I tried to do it with my computer camera to no avail.

Excerpt from “A vagabond in Mexico”

Christmas is approaching, and a good book is a good present. If you are one with a spirit of adventure and a liking for travel, I bet you’ll find it interesting and instructive. If you want to know more about the book, read more excerpts or purchase it, please click on this link: vagabond 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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