Ameriplan USA | Plano, Texas | Not Recommended

Lately, I have come across several posts from people requesting information on Ameriplan USA (they sell discount dental plans) because they are thinking of joining. Below is my experience with them; it happened about four years ago.

Ameriplan “withheld” my earned commissions using the pretext of a “persistence reward” program, whatever that means.  There is no excuse for not paying you your personally earned commissions, that is what you work for.  I also lost a customer due to bad service.

I wrote two letters regarding the matter (one to each of the owners: Dennis and Daniel Bloom); they never answered. My advice is to stay away from them; it is a network marketing company to avoid.

What is (or was) your experience with Ameriplan USA?

“I’d rather be able to face myself in the bathroom mirror than be rich and famous.”– Ani DiFranco

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