The Eye of the Dragon | Book Signing!

If all goes as planned The Eye of the Dragon: Stalking Castaneda will be at Bookmans (6230 E. Speedway Boulevard, Tucson, AZ) on Saturday, May 10 from 1 to 3 pm. It will be accompanied by A Vagabond in Mexico, 9/11 Truth: Implications and 9/11 La Verdad: Implicaciones.  (Timely  books!) I plan to be there too. Namasté!


In The Eye of the Dragon, Stalking Castaneda the author has written an engaging metaphysical narrative about the work of Carlos Castaneda. He is telling his own adventures and experiences, and using these as metaphors for the actual teachings.
At the premise level, this book is focused on a fairly generic subject, but at the execution level this generic quality is lifted with a personal and unique narrative. This personal touch warms up the material and makes the work accessible to the reader. Guzman’s writing style is particularly engaging, and he has a wonderful cadence to his writing that grabs readers and holds their attention.

“A casual, honest voice.” Reader’s Digest

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9:11 New9/11: Are we cannon fodder? Grave implications!

BookCov VagAs timely as it ever was!


Papago Park I Hole in the Rock | Wilko

Papago Park

Hole in the Rock

Papago Park, a view from the hole in the rock, it is cool here.

You can fish in this small lake, but swimming is not allowed.

And today is 104 degrees fahrenheit, so a jump in the lake would have been nice. Nothing like the desert to help you appreciate water. While still in Tucson I was walking one day to the University’s library. Tucson is not as hot as Phoenix, but that day the temperature  was about 100 degrees, and, after walking several blocks, I had to stop for water at Wilko, one of the restaurants at University Boulevard (Park and University). The beautiful young lady at the bar pulled out an ice-cold bottle of water and an equally ice-cold glass, and I drank two glasses of that water. Ah! Nothing like the desert to help you appreciate nothing other than water!

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