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A political collective and non-profit bookstore working toward social change to enable people to take control over their own lives. They are located at 0323 Student Center, UCSD in La Jolla, CA Tel. 858-452-9625 email: Website:

Charles and Jasmine

The Store

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They are now carrying the new edition of “A Vagabond in Mexico” together with “Controversial Bookstore” at 3063 University Avenue. The new edition is now also in Barnes & Noble database so you can order it at any of their locations.

A Buddhist Bible | Dwight Goddard

I was browsing at Barnes and Noble in Hazard Center Mall in San Diego, and I found this verse in “A Buddhist Bible” edited by Dwight Goddard:

Everything changes, everything passes,

Things appearing, things disappearing.

But when all is over — everything having appeared

and having disappeared,

Being and extinction both transcended.–

Still the basic emptiness and silence abides,

And that is blissful peace.

Just sharing.

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