Occupy Wall Street | America is Waking Up!

Occupying Wall Street

What recently started as occupy Wall Street is turning into a nationwide movement, which is, in turn,  part of  a worldwide movement. It starts tomorrow in San Diego, at the Civic Center Plaza downtown — 1200 3rd Ave) We are all part of it, and we must not stop until our economic and war criminals pay for their crimes, until justice and democracy return, until we find a new direction. Our quest is to find our full potential as human beings.

The mainstream (corporate) media is calling this a protest. It is not. Obama can’t understand. It is the beginning of a change in consciousness. Occupy Wall Street 

If you can’t join the movement physically this is…

What to do:

  • Don’t do business with the mega banks (Citibank, Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo etcetera) that is doing business with the enemy. Too big to fail means they are above the law; nobody should be above the law. They are getting away with murder.
  • Don’t buy “made in China (or somewhere else)” stuff. It comes from sweat shops; you are supporting corporate gangsters when you do. If you are pressed for cash get your clothing at the thrift store, so you don’t encourage the clothing giants and support small business. Go to American Apparel.
  • Don’t join the army. You are fighting for the corporations that comprise the military industrial complex (they are making money on war) not for democracy. If we bring our troops home the crisis ends.
  • Buy an electric car. The oil companies are a great part of the problem.
  • Stay away from the mainstream media; it’s misleading. For the real news: Democracy Now 
  • Do your homework, so you can understand what is going on, and accept your own responsibility in the matter. Your inaction will keep the tyrants in power and they are extremely dangerous.
  • Support small business.
  • Spread the word! The more people know, the less power they’ll have. The reason they work in the shadows is because they need public support to survive; they need our money.
  • Start here: AE 9/11 Truth Please sign the petition. Or here: RememberBuilding7.org/10
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