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Have you ever seen this message when working with Internet Explorer? “Internet explorer cannot open this page etc…” Then you open Firefox to look for the page and guess what? There is the page right in front of you.

An article by Michael J. Ross at Computoredge will tell you more about Firefox’s competitive edge. Excerpts below:

“Of all the Web browsers that are challenging the multiyear dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), the one that has the best chance of unseating IE from its throne is Mozilla Firefox. Like the other alternatives, Firefox continues to eat away at IE’s market share.

According to the Mozilla Awards page, Firefox has garnered no fewer than 38 awards. In contrast, it is difficult to imagine Internet Explorer winning any awards, aside from such hypothetical categories as: The Most Egregious Violator of Web Standards, or perhaps The Biggest Security Headache Since Outlook, or, my favorite, The Ultimate Shortener of Developer’s Lives. Fortunately, the latest version, Internet Explorer 8, is apparently much better than its predecessors, and is intended to rectify most of the types of damage it has caused in the past. (If only Microsoft could return to designers and developers everywhere their countless lost hours wrestling with IE’s idiosyncrasies.)”

To read more go to: http://webserver.computoredge.com/online.mvc?article=in1&issue=2751&zone=SD&src=1 or do a search at: www.computoredge.com

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