Artist Cveta Koeba | Some Work . . . | Bulgaria

IMG_1121Cveta (right) and friend!


IMG_1133March 10, 2012

IMG_1132At “Seasons” one of the Central Galleries in Bulgaria

SP_A0092Impressive work!

25780_1255174175709_1120225105_30650722_1449408_nAt the Exposition

“At this exhibition I presented my works from different areas of my tvorchestvo. Tova are graphics and designs for ballet, children’s theater and puppet shows, also watercolors.”

Talented Cveta studied Applied Graphics at National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.  She has over 30 theater productions in her country (Bulgaria) and abroad, in which she was a designer of costumes and scenery. In 2002  she started her own TV-show and documentary.

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