The Gray Fox | Tucson’s Eco Village

Last Sunday after dusk, after visiting my power place at the Eco Village, I met a gray fox. It was dark, so I couldn’t see him well but it looked just like this:

gray_foxGray Fox

I did not know about gray foxes in Arizona, so I googled “foxes in Tucson AZ” and found these gray foxes that looked just like the one that circled me three times. He did that, moving from bush to bush around me, as I walked while singing softly.

du_grayfox1Young Gray Fox 

Jasmeine sent me this:  She thinks it is a positive omen. I think so too. What do you think?

gray-fox-08“It is said that the fox lives ‘between times'”


Tucson’s Eco Village | The Ending or Beginning of a Journey.

I am ending a US journey at the Eco village, and will be heading to Mexico soon.

They are building new structures at the moment, and gaining access to precious water. More info at: Tucson Tortolita Eco Village – Home

IMG_1257David, Jan, Brenda, Samuel and Dorianna

IMG_1258Jan, me, Brenda and Samuel

IMG_1253Brenda (right) and a visitor.

IMG_1254Samuel, David and Brodrik (click to enlarge)

IMG_1249Yurt in progress

A needed alternative to a sick socio-economic system!

IMG_1246Samuel at the sustainability festival with the incredible Moringa Tree. (Google it)

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