The Federal Reserve and the Mega Banks | Our Challenge

It occurred to me  that our gullibility, our apathy and our lack of awareness is what has allowed The Economic Collapse to happen; they have been in control for decades. Our challenge is to become aware of what is going on and proceed to make changes to a superficial lifestyle that props the Megabanks. Our challenge is to spend our money consciously in a way that helps other human beings; our problem is our selfishness. If we start helping others in the very way we live the Megabanks won’t have a chance; if we don’t we deserve whatever we get from them because we are no better. The power for change is within us.

Although I think that the Federal Reserve and the Megabanks are the same thing, these guys have a point, and they are bringing the economy down. Gold and Silver are going up which means the dollar is weakening.

Two quotes below:

“If they acted in concert, these six banks could literally bring down the U.S. economy overnight if they wanted to.  Together with the Federal Reserve, these six banks represent the real financial power in America.”

“The frightening thing is that the power of these megabanks is growing at a frightening pace.  As dozens upon dozens of smaller U.S. banks are “allowed to fail”, they either go out of existence or the Feds actually encourage these smaller banks to sell themselves to one of the big sharks.  In either event, the banking power in the United States becomes further consolidated in the hands of the megabanks.”

The question is,  are we up to the challenge? Are we ready to wake up and live like human beings?

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