Domains Renewal Group | Scam | Unethical

I just received a letter today (resembling a bill) from Domains Renewal Group. As soon as I read it I knew they were not a reputable company; they don’t host my domain.

Sure enough! I goggled their name and the first five pages (I didn’t have to continue) gave me entries reporting the company as unethical and deceptive. There is no need to write another detailed post regarding their behavior–most of what I read was well explained and documented. But if you get a letter from them (resembling a bill), asking you to renew your domain name for only 30.00 dollars a year, I recommend you to toss it in the garbage and do a google search … or vice versa.

“The only thing more powerful than all the armies in the world is an idea whose time has come.”–Victor Hugo

Google Search | Five Pillars | Titus Hoskins

Interesting update from Titus Hoskins, an excerpt and link:

For many of the most competitive, profitable (I like to call them moneyed keywords) Google is displaying a whole
range of search results that can be divided into 5 groups, classifications, types of listings… knowing and targeting
these 5 different areas can make a big difference to how well you rank in Google.

These 5 Pillars of Google Search also has many ramifications for webmasters and especially for online marketers. I believe they will be much more importance as Google moves forward and makes more changes to its ranking system and how it displays those results.

Anyway, I have written a very detailed article on this subject and placed it on my site. The piece discusses
these 5 areas and how you should both know and target  them in your own marketing or with your website. I believe
it will help you get better rankings for your site or keywords. It’s too long to put here so you can read it here:

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