A Picture does not Say a Thousand Words: Part 2 | Tucson, AZ | Occupy

In order to give you an accurate picture of a Palo Verde in bloom I had to enhance the photo with iPhoto. And still the photo doesn’t do the tree justice. A blooming Palo Verde is not just a beautiful tree; it sparkles; it beams. This is as close as I could get with my iPhoto. Oh well, you will have to visit the Sonoran Desert during spring sometime.

Blooming Palo Verdes

(Click to enlarge)

My pad in Tucson, in days long past. Remodeled!

The Occupy Tucson movement was recently evicted from De Anza Park, but they are still going strong. I am following them on Twitter. This is their blog: http://www.occupytucson.org/

Tomorrow I’ll visit the Tucson Weekly to see if they’d like to do a review for me. After all, the book has local interest.

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