“There are worse things I could do” | Stockard Channing | Grease

This video reminded me of a few “women” who could have learn from it. Besides, Ms Channing is so good that it is a pleasure to watch her, so here it goes. From “Grease” with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Enjoy!


You Should be Dancing | Bee Geez | A Chorus Line

I was in the process of  doing a choreography for “You should be dancing” by the Bee Geez and, of course, I had checked John Travolta on “Saturday Night Fever” for ideas. I also checked “A Chorus Line”–superb dancing and performances. And then I found the blog of Carline; she has an incredible collection of musicals in it, from “42nd Street” to “Ziegfeld Girl”, with videos in many of them.

If you like dance or musicals you’ll love this site: Hollywood Musicals Enjoy! Dancing is a way to touch the Spirit.

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