Beware of Loral Langemeier | Unethical and Deceitful

I just received an email from Loral Langemeier. She says she is a millionaire maker. I guess she forgot me.

A few months ago she sent me a postcard offering one of her books for free; all I had to pay was shipping. I called her staff to order the book which never arrived. I called then to inquire about the whereabouts of the book and they behaved as if I had enrolled on her course. I explained that I had only ordered the book.

Then I received the following email:



“Our records indicate that we still have not received your automatic payment of $32.42, on your VISA credit card ending in last four #3807, which is now past due. No response has been received on our previous attempts to reslove this matter.

Be advised that this is your final notice regarding your account being past due in the amount of $32.42. Consequently, if payment of the above past due amount is not brought current, we will have no alternative but to turn your account over to our collection agency.

Enforced collection on this obligation could (as allowed for by contract and/ or operation of law), result in additional costs, fees and expenses and could also result in a negative credit report. We hope that this will not be necessary. If a problem has arisen that we should be aware of, please call us immediately to avoid any further actions at 1 800 608 0508. We want to assist you in resolving this situation as quickly as possible.


Loral Langemeier Billing Department”

Luckily, after the phone conversation, I became suspicious and called my bank, fearing that they would charge my credit card for a course that I didn’t want. They advised me to cancel that card and get a new one. It turned to be very good advice. A couple of weeks later I received a call from a collection agency telling me that if I didn’t pay for the course “I had ordered” they would have to take action.

I explained to them that I had not ordered such a course and they said that I had to call Loral and cancel the order (an order I never placed) I called her staff again explaining that I never placed an order. They pretended that I had done so and proceeded to “cancel”  my order.  I concluded that the book offer was just a ruse to get me to enroll in her course. They were deceitful and unethical, to say nothing of their coercive tactics — a collection agency! Amazing! Is she a millionaire really? Is this how she did it? Please be aware!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.“–Mahatma Gandhi
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