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Several months ago I was invaded by bed bugs.

Now, these little vampires are a real pest and extremely resilient, and I live on a small camper. That meant that I couldn’t spray insecticide in many of their hiding places due to the wiring  and other stuff that could be damaged. I contacted Orkin and they were helpless as far as vehicles were concerned. I was in a bind.

Then I found, Retail-Locations.html and they recommended fossil shell dust. Forget Dorkin or Orkin or what you may call them; know their stuff. Spraying that fossil dust around my sleeping quarters, I was rid of  bed bugs in about a week and a half, after two months of relentless guerrilla warfare.

The fossil dust doesn’t kill them instantly; it breaks through their shell, they dehydrate in a few hours, and die. For instant death you can get one of their sprays (bed bug patrol).

Required reading: A Second look at the Federal Reserve by G. Edward Griffin

Just like bed bugs, the Feds are parasites who need their victims for their survival, that is their main weakness. They suck our blood, so they need us . . . and secrecy. Once we know who they are and where they are, they are vulnerable. In the case of bed bugs, as they crawled over the fossil dust to get to me they were doomed. 

In the case of the Federal Reserve, spreading Fossil Shell Dust will not work because it is harmless to humans or “human vampires.” To combat the Federal Reserve we spread the word. When most people come to realize the evil lurking behind A Central Bank’s Scheme they will refrain from doing business with them (The big banks, the banking cartel that forms the Federal Reserve), and that will be their doom. It is almost as simple as killing bed bugs: do your home work, spread the word and move your money to a local bank or a credit union. Let’s fix our economy now. 

In 2012 one of the buildings to be occupied permanently, or at least relentlessly, should be the Federal Reserve. Moving our money, however, is paramount. Of course, we can always look the other way, but that will be helping them and it would mean our doom; eventually, we always reap what we sow.

More about bed bugs here:


The Feds and Europe’s Central Banks to Help Europe | The Wolves taking care of the Sheep

I am a little late on this, busy.

But I heard the other day that the Federal Reserve and Europe’s central banks are devising a plan to help in Europe‘s financial recovery, and I thought about the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland: the head of the monster; the bank that leads the Feds and the other central banks. The banks that infiltrate governments everywhere for economic control and total dominance.

The wolves will be taking care of the sheep. It is time to occupy everywhere.  Have you moved your money yet? Move Your Money Now | How to

Bank of International Settlements

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