KPBS | National Public Radio | Receiving Corporate Funding?

Is it really national public radio?

I was listening to KPBS this morning; they were talking about the magic of high-rises, and how we have been discouraged to build them due to their vulnerability: terrorits.  You mean NPR is not aware yet that there is evidence showing that the three World Trade Center towers came down by controlled demolition? How can they provide insightful information if they are not aware of  insightful information? How do they get their information anyway? Do they know about google search? Who is funding them?

For insightful information go to: Democracy Now  

And here is some insightful information for They need it.

Pertinent: From Democracy Now

“And National Public Radio is drawing controversy after apparently forcing the dismissal of an independent radio journalist over her participation in the protest at Washington, D.C.’s Freedom Plaza. The journalist, Lisa Simeone, hosts the show “World of Opera” and contributed to the show “Soundprint,” which are produced independently but air on NPR stations. But after learning that Simeone had attended the D.C. “Occupy” protest, NPR released a statement saying: “We of course take this issue very seriously.” Hours later, Simeone was fired from her job at “Soundprint.” In a statement, Simeone said: “I find it puzzling that NPR objects to my exercising my rights as an American citizen — the right to free speech, the right to peaceable assembly — on my own time in my own life. I’m not an NPR employee. I’m a freelancer.NPR doesn’t pay me… I’ve never brought a whiff of my political activities into the work I’ve done.”


Food Stamps in San Diego CA | My Experience

I am a fan of  KPBS, which not only provides classical music but also offers American Public Media’s Marketplace with news on business and economics. Recently they were airing a show regarding food stamps; it was about how food stamps could help people who are struggling in today’s troubled economy. A lady was explaining how the government was eager to help. She said that the applicants were treated with courtesy and respect, so people in need shouldn’t be reluctant to apply.

I lost a small business I had in Florida after the hurricanes of 2004; since then it had been an uphill battle. I am still paying bills that I incurred after my business crashed, and nobody is bailing me out (I am not Wall Street or General Motors). I do take responsibility for what I do and I am paying my debts one day at a time. I don’t really care for a bailout, but after listening to this show I figured that maybe food stamps would help a little.

To be brief I will only say that the lady who gave me the qualifying interview was rude and disrespectful. She implied that the information I was giving was fraudulent. I explained why it was not, but she was adamant. She was not talking to me but talking at me and avoiding any actual communication; she never even asked why I wanted food stamps. My application was denied due to the figures on the submitted forms (she said) without considering the actual situation.

As I walked out, I couldn’t help but thinking how inaccurate had been the information I received through National Public Radio. Do they verify their information? Can we believe the media in general? We need to verify ourselves, don’t we?

I have to admit that there may be better and more professional social workers than the ones I met at 1130 10th Avenue on December 16 of 2008 in San Diego, CA. There may be better locations also. Do you know of any? Have you had a better experience than the one I had? If so, please let me know. I’ll post it.

Wall Street | Bailout

I heard in National Public Radio, and read in some national weekly magazines that new schemes are now being hatched (and already money being misused) by some of the companies being bailed out by the Federal Reserve. It seems obvious then that the first economic challenge faced by our president elect Mr. Barack Obama and his administration will be to clean house.

Bailing out the institutions that caused our present economic woes with their greedy and unethical behavior may be unavoidable, but if the bailout money is given to the culprits; that is, those who personally caused the problems in the first place, we may be headed for trouble, maybe really big trouble. These individuals could be more dangerous to our country than Osama Bin Laden. They can break and bankrupt America. Apparently, they are creating new and more dangerous situations even as I write these lines. And they should be punished and their licenses revoked or suspended. Besides, if we don’t  punish and replace the culprits, are we really changing our direction? Please advise me.

Quote of the day: “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you”–Dale Carnegie

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